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, Theo Scheffler,

Yeah, it's me!

Theo Scheffler
Age: 39
I am married to Angelique and we live in the most beautiful city in the world - in Cape Town in South Africa.
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I am an actuary by trade, but not a typical one. I have worked in various actuarial positions spanning life office valuations, pension fund consulting and product design and development.

I have been working in India (as a statutory actuary) and across the African contitent as the member of several boards of directors.

I am proud to work actively in Emerging Markets and to help build and shape the Financial Services Industries in several countries

I am currently working for MMI Holdings in South Africa as part of their Strategy Team. It is a really exciting time in a really exciting company.

I believe the answer always lies beyond the numbers and can be found in people rather than statistics.

I am married to Angelique - the girl of my dreams and the love of my life. We have 5 beautiful children in our family - Katelyn, Kaylee, Tiaan, Kara and Alexandra. We also have 2 great danes - Hercules & Chloe.

My motto in life is summed up beautifully by Master Yoda:
Do, or do not. There is no try.

About Me

Yeah, it's me! Theo Scheffler
Age: 39, married
Cape Town, South Africa

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